2 January 2021

Abandoned woman, part of the Civic Drawing Collection of the Salò Art Museum

Meant to establish a collection based on the drawings of artists who have also worked with this refined and precious medium, having a museum that has been operating since 1938 in Italy has a priceless cultural value, also highlighted by focusing and enhancing the vision of a higher artistic technique.
29 December 2020

VicenzaOro ViOFF Golden Arts 2019

The third edition of ViOFF – Golden Arts – The Jewellery Boutique Show of VicenzaOro blends together art and jewellery, while ranging from theatre to painting, from sculpture to literature, from music to goldsmithing, from dance to cinema, from entertainment to cuisine and from architecture to craftsmanship. More than one hundred exhibitors in the Old Town have hosted and displayed in their showcases artworks shortlisted by the curator Sharon Di Carlo.
19 August 2020

Nagla. Here There Now Then, Palazzo Coluccia, Specchia

Donna Bianca reopens and inaugurates five solo exhibitions by the artists Elisa Filomena, Lorenzo Galuppo, Valeria Puzzovio, Carlo Alberto Rastelli, Agnese Skujina in the evocative and the full of history halls of the charming noble residence of Palazzo Coluccia in Specchia, that host the third edition of Nagla, an exhibition dedicated to young Italian contemporary art.
10 May 2020

2019 Combat Prize finalist, G. Fattori Museum, Livorno/Leghorn

Selected as finalist for the 2019 edition of the Premio Combat Prize, Painting category, the group exhibition features the selected artwork (Coppia / Couple – acrylic on canvas, 65x85cm, 2018) at the Giovanni Fattori Museum, Livorno/Leghorn, from June 22nd until July 13th 2019.
25 March 2020

Painting – living language. Interviewed by Damiano Gullì on Artribune

The 42nd appointment with the column dedicated to contemporary painting in all its forms and facets through the words of some of the most interesting Italian artists: from “expanded” painting, to contamination and disciplinary slips to dialogue with comics and illustration, up to reviewing and distorting of traditional techniques and iconographies.
16 March 2020

To like or not to be, Walk-in Studio, Milan

On the occasion of the Festival degli Studi d'Artista (Artists Studio Festival) in Milan, organised by Walk-in Studio and in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, about fifty private studios, real creativity workshops, will be open to the public. The project inquires the contingent aspects of the contemporary society in which the continuous exposure and information overload automatically develop a global control and dimension, which slip out of the reach of the individual.
26 February 2020

CHARTA – Works on paper exhibition – Art Prize CBM/OFF, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese

The CHARTA event has been developed around the artistic production on paper, with the aim of revealing the different forms, expressions and means through which this medium can be manifested. It’s a heterogeneous path in the use of materials, techniques and visions, creating links between people, artworks and the locations that hosts them.
30 December 2019

Diario notturno, solo exhibition, Circoloquadro contemporary art gallery, Milan

Large canvases and medium-sized papers form a story, as in a sort of intimate and personal diary, written during the silent hours of the night, the chosen moment by the artist to devote herself to the beloved painting. The exhibition encompasses the pictorial research of recent years, divided into stories that define as many themes towards which the painting itself has led the artist.
23 September 2019

Binario7, Ferrovie Creative, Carpi

The Ferrovie Creative Space Concept inaugurates a new exhibition season with which it consolidates and evolves its Art gallery project thanks to the prestigious and glittering artistic direction of Andrea Saltini. The well-known photographic factory will host events and contemporary art exhibitions, by providing a context inside of which different forms and artistic expressions will be proposed to the public.
15 August 2019

La Risposta dell’Amore, Palermo

Throughout this one of a kind exhibition, the 26 artists talk about each one’s idea of the physical and psychological landscape in which the hate/love dualism is the main theme. The project conceived by Francesco Piazza verges on two feelings so different but so closely related. Art can perhaps find this answer, it can succeed in stopping this schizophrenic process.
13 February 2019

PLAYLIST, curated by Zaira Beretta – Zaion Gallery – Biella

The conversation between music and contemporary art is open. We asked each of the 35 artists of the PLAYLIST exhibition to choose a song that matches their work. Will it be the tune that inspired the artwork? Or may it be that is was the artwork that brought the song to mind? Or perhaps that precise track has been the background theme of the creative process?
22 January 2019

Interview with Samuele Papiro – art in artists’ words

When we talk about artists, usually, a list of their exhibition is being made, the artworks are being shown, but a shallow approach involves the process, the feelings, the thoughts of those who need to create. The purpose of this article is to present the interview made with a living artist, without the use of pictures but only of words, of questions and answers, of thoughts that occur during the conversation.
7 January 2019

Selvatico [13th edition] – 2018 Fantasy / Phantom – Painting in-between imagination and memory – Cotignola

Fusignano, Cotignola, Ravenna: the 3 locations that determine this year’s edition of Selvatico, that has been linking places, museums and historical buildings spread around the Romagna area for the last thirteen years. The final result is a sort of geography map and exhibitive itinerary that connects the artworks of thirty-six contemporary artists coming from all over Italy, with a particular attention paid to painting.
17 November 2018

Terzo Stadio – curated by Francesca Baboni & Stefano Taddei, Pavullo

The exhibition features a close confrontation between three women: Elisa Filomena, Laura Fortin and Ersilia Sarrecchia, which are 2018 Combat Prize finalists, by means of a story linked to the memory theme, based on both paintings and drawings. A peculiar but not merely gender-based way of approaching contemporary art.
25 October 2018

Shortlisted for the 20th edition of the Vittorio Viviani Prize 2018 – Villa Brivio, Nova Milanese

The Vittorio Viviani Free Academy of Painting, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Nova Milanese, promotes the XX edition of the Vittorio Viviani Prize, which will takes place from September 8th until September 29th 2018. During the inauguration, all the selected artworks will be exhibited and the winner of the XX edition will be announced.
5 October 2018

Impronte di artiste – Mörfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt

The love for art creates bridges and connects people. The artists left their fingerprints in Germany: the idea of the double exhibition, first in Italy’s Piedmont region and then in the South-West of Germany, is to focus on the contemporary artistic quest, offering a wide variety of styles and techniques, with the intent to analyze in what way and how close contemporary art is to the core of the present-day situation.
15 August 2018

2018 Combat Prize Finalist – G. Fattori Museum Group Exhibition, Livorno

Selected as finalist for the 2018 edition of the Combat Prize, Painting category, the group exhibition features the selected artwork Coppia / Couple, at the Giovanni Fattori Museum and Villa Mimbelli, Livorno, from June 23rd until July 14th 2018.
9 July 2018

Landina 2018 – en Plein Air Painting Experiences – Tornielli Museum, Ameno

The exhibition provides a transversal interpretation of various pictorial feelings, cultural derivations and personal status quo of artistic practice, re-endorsing LANDINA as a mandatory appointment for Italian painting lovers and for enthusiasts of what might still be Romantic.
28 June 2018

Painters – Painting – Painters. MARS, Milan

Countless and outstanding examples of artists portraying each other can be traced throughout the history of art. On April 25th, 22 Italian painters will meet each other at MARS for an unheard-of venture based on the relay competition.
18 June 2018

Birds – Tino Ghelfi Gallery & L’Officina Arte Contemporanea, Vicenza

Renowned 20 century masters and new generation artists exhibit side by side with unreleased works of Tolmino Zara. Artworks by Tolmino Zara, Ruggero Savinio, Elisa Filomena, Lorenza Boisi, Chiara Cappelletti, Jane Minter, Alessandro Finocchiaro, Giulio Catelli, Alessio Vaccari, Cristiano Pari, Luciano Vighy.
6 June 2018

Impronte di artiste Exhibition, Torre Pellice

The Filippo Scroppo Contemporary Art Gallery is proud to present the Impronte di artiste (Artists' imprints) group exhibition, made up of 25 women artists, that offers an overview of the works of the artists from the Piedmont region.
15 January 2018

Interview with Maria Rita Montagnani

Spinner of threads unseen - Interview with Maria Rita Montagnani, posted on memecult.it.
5 December 2017

Prima Pelle. The Exhibition, Spazio Parentesi, Turin

Thursday, November 16th 2017, at Spazio Parentesi in Turin, Prima Pelle, contemporary art exhibition curated by Ivan Fassio, with Marius Ashblow, Elisa Filomena, Tiziana Inversi. Illustrations by Riccardo Cecchetti.
28 November 2017

Essere artista donna, ieri e oggi, Rovereto

Discussion on feminine art within the Il coraggio del colore (Colour's courage) exhibition at Palazzo Alberti Poja, Rovereto, with Maria Stoffella Fendros, Brunamaria Veneri Dal Lago, Elisa Filomena and Micaela Vettori.
17 October 2017

Levitation Solo Exhibition, Bocca Bookshop, Milan

From October 15th until November 11th, the Bocca Bookshop is pleased to host Levitazione (Levitation), Elisa Filomena’s solo exhibition, curated by Vera Agosti.
19 September 2017

Inside the Beatles – Live Painting at Circolo dei Lettori, Turin

Live painting performance during the presentation of the book "Inside the Beatles", written by the piano player & composer Andrea Cavallo.
5 September 2017

Stratigrafie Divagazioni – Exhibition curated by Ivan Fassio, Turin

Exhibition curated by Ivan Fassio with Marius Ashblow, Elisa Filomena, Cecilia Gattullo, Norman Sgrò at Spazio Parentesi in Turin.
10 August 2017

Interview with Manuela Vetrano

Mysterious women and obscure spirits within Elisa Filomena's painting. Interview with Manuela Vetrano, posted on La Civetta di Torino.
14 July 2017

Landina 2017

Landina 2017, en plein air painting experience curated by Lorenza Boisi. With Mattia Barbieri, Angelo Bellobono, Giulio Catelli, Elisa Filomena, Alessandro Finocchiaro, Nazarena Poli Maramotti.
14 July 2017

Elisa Filomena website introduction

This website exhibits the recently produced artworks, while the overall artistic journey traces and highlights the main stages of her never-ending research, production and experimentation carried out in over 25 years.