The pictorial work of the first half of 2021 is mainly concentrated in the broad site specific work prepared for the Eden solo exhibition at Casa Vuota in Rome, curated by Francesco Paolo Del Re and Sabino De Nichilo.
The exhibition develops throughout a real camera picta that covers all the walls and part of the ceilings of Casa Vuota.
The pictorial narration takes place in a stream of consciousness spread over 70 meters of painted canvas featuring scenography elements that recall theatrical sets.
The artist worked unceasingly on 7 rolls of cotton canvas measuring 10×2,15 meters, experienced as scrolls of a tale developed without preparatory sketches and by painting directly with the brush, alla prima, figures, landscapes and animals that form, by means of gestures and promptness, the painting’s body of work deeply felt and lived with freedom and urgency to create.
Among the works following the Eden exhibition, some are present in the last part of this page.