The drawings are characterised by the prevailing use of crayons applied with the finger pads.
The work focuses on a depletion of the sign and a minimisation of the shapes, by elaborating a symbolic abstraction in which there is a precise technical and expressive intent in defining the subject in its most essential and meaningful way.
Drawings of about 50×40cm that focus on the search for a personal language mediated by the intimate knowledge of drawing and the strong visceral depth experienced through the act of doing.
Often they are faded figures drawn with crayons and graphite on white paper. They disappear and re-emerge filtered by the unfathomable side of the creative nous.
  • The creative process comes to life contrived from portraits of the early 1900s to manifest itself in timeless pictures in which the portrait’s definition is no longer tangible but remains a pretext to define a figure, a face, of a woman or a man like so many and none.
  • Elisa Filomena - Uomo che si ritrova, pastelli su carta, 50x40cm, 2020
    The work focuses on a depletion of the sign and a minimisation of the shapes. This is supported by the use of masks in order to contain the colour and form profiles or countenances almost as if born from shadows.
  • Artworks on medium-sized paper where painting and drawing merge into a single expressive means. The speed of execution is given by concentration and emotional tension; the search for expressiveness is based on the strength of the sign that without afterthoughts and through a direct gesture concludes the creative stage, which gives meaning to the stroke connected to the strength of thought and feeling.