Binario7, Ferrovie Creative, Carpi

The Ferrovie Creative (Creative Railroads) Space Concept inaugurates on Sunday 24th February a new exhibition season with which it consolidates and evolves its Art gallery project thanks to the prestigious and glittering artistic direction of Andrea Saltini. The well-known photographic factory will host events and contemporary art exhibitions, by providing a context inside of which different forms and artistic expressions will be proposed to the public.

The project that Alberto Setti entitled Binario7 [Railway track no.7] aims to give a strong impetus to contemporary art, understood as an essential and indispensable value of the social system.

Binario7 will provide to both young emerging artists and internationally established artists, a real exhibiting space and a virtual exposure through the Art + Commerce platform by means of which the artworks will also be marketed.

The artistic direction of Andrea Saltini, painter and poet, curator of cultural events and visionary creator, will follow for Binario7 innovative artistic projects by giving space to experiments in the most versatile forms: sculpture, painting, installation, video, photography and performance.

Terrevive, during the evening, will offer a taste of its biodynamic wines produced in the area.

With artworks by: Andrea Saltini, Alessandra Matia Calò, Laura Fortin, Elisa Filomena, Emanuele Sartori, Marco Cervigni and Massimo Lagrotteria.    


Curated by Andrea Saltini

Happening on Sunday, 24th February 2019 at 5 pm

Binario7 Art gallery – Ferrovie Creative

25/A, Via Due Ponti, Carpi

Phone: +39 059696556


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