La Risposta dell’Amore, Palermo

La risposta dell’amore (Die antwort der liebe / The Art of Loving an enquiry into the nature of love) is the title of the 1956 book written by the German philosopher, psychoanalyst and sociologist Erich Fromm. Throughout this volume, after having asked himself whether love could be an art, the author goes on writing extensively about Hate, about its multiple meanings and how it can manifest and modify the relationships between human beings and the surrounding environment.

«Is love an art? Then it requires knowledge and effort. Or is love a pleasant sensation, which to experiences is a matter of chance, something one “falls into” if one is lucky?»

Erich Fromm


Throughout this one of a kind exhibition, the 26 artists talk about each one’s idea of the physical and psychological landscape in which the hate/love dualism is the main theme: Evita Andujar, Daniela Balsamo, Marco Bettio, Giuseppe Bombaci, Riccardo Brugnone, Andrea Buglisi, Claudio Cavallaro, Gianluca Capozzi, Luca Crivello, Giorgio Distefano, Demetrio Di Grado, Alice Faloretti, Elisa Filomena, Roberto Fontana, Antonino Gaeta, Simone Geraci, Sarah Ledda, Igor Scalisi Palminteri, Ettore Pinelli, Francesco Rinzivillo, Piero Roccasalvo Rub, Enrico Tealdi, Samantha Torrisi, Massimiliano Usai, Giuseppe Vassallo, Giovanni Viola.

Right after Valentine’s Day. Who’s going to get it straight? And what will Love’s answer be?

The Umani Paesaggi Urbani (Human Urban Landscapes) project conceived by Francesco Piazza, and organised this year with the support of the Trinacria Hellenic Sicilian Community, reaches its second edition.

«The idea of landscape is defined as a set of relationships, which can be physical, environmental but also human. Think of the anthropic landscape. Just like any relationship, it is subject to actions and reactions both positive and negative. Therefore, the association between feelings is also be attributable to the concept of emotional landscape as well as environmental. This is the idea behind Umani Paesaggi Urbani – La risposta dell’amore (Human Urban Landscapes – The Art of Loving), which this year verges on two feelings so different but so closely related. Hate and Love».

«Most people are afraid of losing their own freedom by loving and cannot believe that love is the greatest development of freedom».

Erich Fromm


Art allows us human beings to search for the “answers”, but not necessarily to find them too.

Art can perhaps find this answer, it can succeed in stopping this schizophrenic process.


Curated by Francesco Piazza

From 15th February until 17th February 2019

Opening times: 11 am – 1 pm / 4 pm – 8 pm

Group exhibition vernissage on Friday, 15 February at 6.30 pm

Ridotto del Cinema De Seta – Cantieri Culturali della Zisa

4, Paolo Gili Street, Palermo

Organised by Vassilis Karampatsas and by the Trinacria Hellenic Sicilian Community


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