CHARTA – Works on paper exhibition – Art Prize CBM/OFF, Villa Vallero, Rivarolo Canavese

The CHARTA event is the outcome of the collaboration between Areacreativa42, an association founded and chaired by Karin Reisovà, and the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Rivarolo Canavese, developed around the artistic production on paper, with the aim of revealing the different forms, expressions and means through which this medium can be manifested. It’s a heterogeneous path in the use of materials, techniques and visions, creating links between people, artworks and the locations that hosts them.

There are five locations that host the project: Villa Vallero, the 1700s Casa Toesca, the O.N.C.A. office, the Pro Loco Tourist Office, and the Besso Marcheis Library.

Art Prize CBM (Carlo Bonatto Minella) \OFF is an invitation-only exhibition, on any subject, with the only constraint that paper must be used as a medium.

The artists that have been shortlisted for Art Prize CBM\OFF are: Giovanni Boscarato, Valentina Ceci, Valeria Ferrero, Elisa Filomena, Valentina Grilli, Roberta Logiudice, Giacomo Menconi, Giacomo Modolo, Michele Pierpaoli, Lorenzo Pingitore, Moreno Pisapia, Erika Riehle, Leardo Sciacoviello.

It stems from the willingness to reencounter the awarded artists, over the course of nine years and four editions, among the under 30 Italian artists of the prize conceived and organised by Areacreativa42. The first edition was hosted by Villa Vallero and Casa Toesca, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Turin.

Our current aim is to reflect on the future that this project has, after the success it had in all the editions and the international dimension it has achieved.

The question that we are asking ourselves is: «What do young artists need?».

We have been engaged for a long time with extreme seriousness in the shortlistings, in the organisation of the exhibitions and in the creation of the catalogs so that testimonials of the appreciation of their work by competent jurors and institutions could remain available to the artists.

The Prize focuses attention on our territory, on the figure of the 1800s artist Carlo Bonatto Minella, to which the prize was dedicated and on the possibility of making art starting from this area and then looking across the border.

At Villa Vallero are on exhibition the Ephemera site specific installation by Daniela Bozzetto, the works of Collettivo Oltre Collage and in the Art Prize CBM\OFF section the artworks on paper by shortlisted Italian artists which took part throughout the various editions, at the under 30 Art Prize CBM category.

Vincenzo Gatti has curated both the Wunderpapier exhibition at Casa Toesca where Japanese prints, engravings and artworks on paper are on display and the Besso Marcheis Library Ex Libris collection from private collections.

The two Parade and Silhouettes pop-up exhibitions are focused on the female body, with illustrations by Elisa Talentino and pictures by Chiara Lombardi.

The event has been made possible also thanks to the University of Turin and the Fine Arts Academy of Turin students that took part in the organisation: Giorgio Bena, Miriam Bruno, Giulia Cordò, Andrea Fenu, Federica Polla, Marco Spampinato, Elena Toffanin.


Curated by Karin Reisovà

From 27th April until 26th May

Opening times: Saturday 3 pm – 7 pm, Sunday and holidays 10 am – 12 am / 3 pm – 7 pm

Group exhibition vernissage on Saturday, 27th April at 5 pm

Areacreativa42 – progetti per l’arte

Villa Vallero

68, Corso Indipendenza, Rivarolo Canavese (TO)

Phone: +39 3351227609


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