To like or not to be, Walk-in Studio, Milan

On the occasion of the Festival degli Studi d’Artista (Artists Studio Festival) in Milan, organised by Walk-in Studio and in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, about fifty private studios, real creativity workshops, will be open to the public.

The project inquires the contingent aspects of the contemporary society in which the continuous exposure and information overload automatically develop a global control and dimension, which slip out of the reach of the individual. In a society like ours in which the negative feelings (dislike) are being constantly cancelled in favour of the obvious, mandatory, appreciation (like), how can the human soul, the outcome of a controversial and painful birth, find a new identity?  

Social networks, media exposure, private life abolition and new relationship dynamics: the artists involved are meditating on some of these aspects, mediated by their personal vision.

The private space of the artist’s studio, place of birth and creation by definition, now becomes an opportunity to overturn the “intimate” and “public” concepts through the intervention of the individual artists and exposure to visitors. Through this process, the audience becomes the new Argus Panoptes of Greek mythology: no longer a warden but a participatory observer of the reality staged by the artists.

The project includes two locations: the Anna Caruso Studio and the Loris di Falco Studio.

Artists present at the Loris di Falco Studio: Anna Caruso, Elisa Filomena, Annalisa Fulvi, Debora Garritani, Milena Sgambato.


Group exhibition vernissage on: Friday, 7th June 2019 at 6 pm

16, via Jacopino da Tradate, Milan

A project organised by Walk-in Studio and in collaboration with the Photography and Curatorial Practices Schools of the Fine Arts Academy of Brera and with the Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies Courses of the Naba – New Academy of Fine Arts.


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