Selvatico [13th edition] – 2018 Fantasy / Phantom – Painting in-between imagination and memory – Cotignola

Fusignano, Cotignola, Ravenna: the 3 locations that determine this year’s edition of Selvatico [Wild 13th edition: Fantasy/Phantom], that has been linking places, museums and historical buildings spread around the Romagna area for the last thirteen years. The final result is a sort of geography map and exhibitive itinerary that connects the artworks of thirty-six contemporary artists coming from all over Italy, with a particular attention paid to painting (Andrea Chiesi, Daniele Galliano, Elisa Filomena, Azadeh Ardalan, Marta Sesana, Giuliano Sale, Juan Carlos Ceci, Enrico Tealdi, Rosario Vicidomini, Sabrina Casadei, Beatrice Meoni, Julie Rebecca Poulain, Manuel Portioli, Riccardo Cavallini, Silvia Argiolas, Giovanni Manunta Pastorello, Agnese Guido, Andrea Fiorino, Francesco Bocchini, Stefano W. Pasquini, Angelo Bellobono, Marco Bettio, Ettore Pinelli, Giorgio Pignotti, Francesco Cuna, Amandine Samyn, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Andrea Grotto, Barbara De Vivi, Paolo de Biasi, Luca Moscariello, Benedetto di Francesco, Giuliano Guatta, Simone Luschi, Gio Pistone and Nicola Alessandrini).

From the museum to the landscape. Tales of places, people, things. Or of painting as a subject matter of the flesh.

Selvatico starts again from painting, particularly Italian, without forgetting to take into account all its branches, mixtures and combinations with other arts i.e. drawing and sculpture, comics and installation. As it happens every year, the artworks exhibited inside Selvatico’s various locations, get their inspiration from a certain chosen theme, that in the case of this edition, is based on the encounter, coexistence, juxtaposition of Fantasia/Fantasma (Fantasy/Phantom), imagination and memory: 2 terms with a common root that indicate the same origin of the images and of the mental process that sustains them.

Landscapes with figure. Nests. Battlefields. Prayers and spells.

By associating, by stubbornly trying to bring together and cross worlds and ways of seeing, even though just for a stroke or for a while, by juxtaposing world’s ideas that unveil simultaneously affinities and contrasts, in the constant and persistent quest for creating discourses made up of both resonances and divergences, of similarities and distances, through this, one would say, required appeal to the polarity and coexistence of extremes and ensembles, hides, shallowly, the conviction that things can be seen and comprehended better and more sharply thanks also to this sort of forced or arbitrary friction and contact.

And this almost dowsing tendency of stitching distances and uncovering tunings, enables then to trigger encounters and bright convergences as in the case of Elisa Filomena and Azadeh Ardalan, that can be found together in two nearly solo exhibitions, side by side, that allow already from the outside to intuit what can be found and takes place on the inside: bodies, women and men, circumstances and gestures as if frozen in amber.

Evoked presences and figures, shadows and ghosts. Slow frozen movements, actions and expectations. Moment. Memento. Bucolic landscapes, gardens and interiors such as scenes or theatrical backdrops or movie sets.

A never-ending production and an abundant, portly river, almost a stream of consciousness or a daily diary made up of glimpsed or remembered wraiths that create a swarm of pictures that flows uninterrupted and without ending.

A painting made of marks and traces as if that which remains on the surface is an imprint or residue of a washed out and corroded image, a stained shadow that crumbles, a lost picture quickly regained before its last disappearance; the white of the sheet or of the canvas and a lot of pale flares and traces of ancient soil colour, orange, brown and red shades. Séance painting. And a brushstroke that, the more it is filled with memories, impressions and visions, the more it is inversely discharged of matter, drying itself in thin burrs, nervous filaments, trails, swift entrainments and faded traces.

1 > Fusignano
San Rocco Museum – 5, Via Monti
Cultural Centre Il Granaio – 16, Piazza Corelli
Exhibition vernissage on Saturday, November 10th at 17
From November 11th 2018 until January 20th 2019

2 > Cotignola
Luigi Varoli Museum – Corso Sforza
Exhibition vernissage on Saturday, November 24th at 16 at Teatro Binario – Viale Vassura (presentation conference)
From November 25th 2018 until January 27th 2019
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday from 16.30 to 18.30; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10 to 12 and from 15.30 to 18.30
• Palazzo Sforza – 21, Corso Sforza
• Spazio – 27, Corso Sforza
• Luigi Varoli Studio – 24, Corso Sforza
• Palazzo Pezzi – 47, Corso Sforza

3 > Ravenna
VIBRA Spazio contemporaneo di idee – 8, Via M. Fantuzzi
Exhibition vernissage on Friday, December 7th at 18.30
From December 8th 2018 until January 13th 2019

For this new edition, the thirteenth catalogue has been printed, complementary and subsequent to the Forest theme published last year. The exhibition is curated by Massimiliano Fabbri of the Luigi Varoli Museum of Cotignola.

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