VicenzaOro ViOFF Golden Arts 2019

The third edition of ViOFF – Golden Arts – The Jewellery Boutique Show of VicenzaOro, ended with great success. It was developed in collaboration between the City of Vicenza and IEG (Italian Exhibition Group) by blending together art and jewellery, through more than 5000 square meters occupied by stands, exhibitors and museums. Twelve areas have dealt with the art subject, ranging from theatre to painting, from sculpture to literature, from music to goldsmithing, from dance to cinema, from entertainment to cuisine and from architecture to craftsmanship.

More than one hundred exhibitors in the Old Town have hosted and displayed in their showcases fascinating artworks, among which drawings of the Turin-based artist Elisa Filomena, shortlisted by the curator Sharon Di Carlo: paintings and sculptures meant to convey a concept of art free from any censorship have been on display on the main streets of Vicenza. This event also included the surrealist performance entitled Stained GlassThe secret life of Salvador Dalì, curated by the Teatro della Cenere: each day two performers wrote on the showcases paragraphs taken from The secret life, the artist’s diary, and concerning his relationship with precious jewels, stones, Palladio and his surrealist battle.

«Art is a meeting and collision point, it should never be a neutral place, but always a vivid intellectually territory, made up of ideas, weak points and concepts. After all, art is an extremely humane place. It makes the public react, and I believe this “reaction” is a cure for the contemporary society. The world of art has no rules, or sometimes only a few, mainly opaque. It is not certain whether only the best artist, the most sensitive curator or the most capable gallery owner will emerge. Passion helps you not to give up, and if you’re good and prepared, sooner or later you’ll succeed».

Sharon Di Carlo

Dedicating an event like ViOFF to art means emphasising every single manifestation of the multifaceted world of art with exceptional guest: painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, crafts and guided tours. Vicenza is an art city, and its relationship is inherent. In recent years, it has been the scene of both major exhibitions and important projects, among which the Coppola Foundation of Torrione is a clear example of this.

This event is open to the world, to those who are in Vicenza for work or pleasure and is an authentic heritage for the entire city. With ViOFF, the business of a strategic domain meets culture, beauty, knowledge and lifestyle: it is the opening of the Fiera dell’oro (Gold Fair) for a virtuous contamination of energy and ideas. The exhibition halls hosted the best of the international jewellery on the market and witnessed a social and economic flow that proceeded in perfect harmony between the fair and the city.

The main character of the Golden Arts was Salvador Dalì. The Catalan artist, who has never hidden his deep admiration for Palladio, dominated the scene with the exclusive exhibition of some of his sculptures thanks to the collaboration between the City of Vicenza, IEG and Dalì Universe, one of the largest and most prestigious private collections of artworks by the Spanish artist in the world. Two monumental sculptures have been on display in the city centre: Dance of Time I and Homage to Terpsichore next to other Dalì sculptures belonging to the important collection of Beniamino Levi, namely Space Venus, Triumphant Elephant, Dalìnian Dancer, Dance of Time III and Surrealist Piano.

The Dalì Universe houses bronze sculptures, surrealist furniture, golden objects, glass sculptures and other artworks of the Catalan genius: a priceless wealth that has its roots in the creative relationship and friendship between Salvador Dalì and Beniamino Levi, art dealer, Italian collector and president of the Dalì Universe.

The character of Salvador Dalì, which enhances the quintessence of the Golden Arts edition, was a painter, sculpture, writer, photographer, filmmaker, designer and screenwriter: in his autobiography is clearly stated his genuine admiration for the Vicenza-based architect, defined as “one of the most perfect achievements of human accomplishments”. The Palladio-Dalì pair, the harmonious dichotomy between classicism and surrealism, ancient and contemporary beyond the contemporary, has been the hub around which the third edition of ViOFF revolved: a series of specifically designed events have animated the three days that aimed to celebrate the ideal partnership between the two artists.

A sophisticated fil rouge links Dalì to the Vicentine architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1589), defined by Dalì himself as «the Dalìnian archetype». Within this context, ViOFF pays tribute to the illustrious master of the Vicenza tradition: renowned architect, refined theorist and set designer, has exerted his influence over entire generations of artists, including contemporary ones. A profound connoisseur of Greek and Roman art, he was the most important architect of the Republic of Venice, by offering to his fellow citizens artworks of inestimable beauty like palaces, churches and villas, thanks to which, in 1994, Vicenza became a World Heritage Site.

The event hosted also the Neri Pozza National Literature Award within the prestigious setting of the Olympic Theatre, with a € 25000 check for the winner. The German writer Bernhard Schlink, author of the award-winning best-seller The Reader, the British writer and screenwriter David Nicholls, the Italian filmmaker Antonino Varvarà and the American singer Cheryl Porter have also had an active role in this event. The ballet dancers of the La Scala Theatre in Milan interpreted a choreography created specifically to celebrate Golden Arts, followed by an act from the Rudolf Nureyev’s repertoire thanks to the participation of Davit Galstyan, a solo player of the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse. The documentary film Palladio has also been screened, curated by Magnitudo Films, it was also presented at the 76th Venice Film Festival.

Curated by Sharon Di Carlo

From 6th until 8th September 2019

A project by the City of Vicenza in collaboration with IEG (Italian Exhibition Group)


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VIOFF Golden Arts, il Fuori Fiera di VicenzaOro che animerà il cuore della città