Impronte di artiste – Mörfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt

The love for art creates bridges and connects people, which is exactly what happened with the town of Mörfelden-Walldorf (on the outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany) thanks to the cultural exchange program and to the partnership with the town of Torre Pellice, Torino, Italy, where the Impronte d’artiste [Artists’ Imprints] group exhibition, curated by Paola Malato, was held at the Filippo Scroppo Contemporary Art Gallery in March of this year.

Saturday, September 1st, the exhibition’s vernissage has been celebrated in the townhall gallery, which was attended by more than 60 people. An all-feminine exhibition: 25 artists from different countries, most of which Italians, were invited to participate regardless of their age, training and personal style, but thanks to the authentic characteristics of every single one of them. The idea of the double exhibition, first in Italy’s Piedmont region and then in the South-West of Germany, is to focus on the contemporary artistic quest, offering a wide variety of styles and techniques, with the intent to analyze in what way and how close contemporary art is to the core of the present-day situation.

Along with the artworks there was a delegation formed by artists, namely Paola Malato, Tegi Canfari and Elisa Filomena, and the townhall staff of Torre Pellice. The mayor Heinz-Peter Becker inaugurated the exhibition together with the Torre Pellice’s mayor, Marco Cogno, the town councillor Paolo Giordano and Maurizia Allisio, the Culture councillor.

“We wanted to offer a completely feminine exhibition with renowned artists”, said Thomas Krüger, director of the town’s central department. Those who were present at Paola Malato’s presentation had the pleasure of being led by the curator, with a Mediterranean temperament, through all the special features of the exhibition. Different styles and techniques, from resin sculptures on metal to a “carpet” of paper strips that contained phrases or words of classical lyrics.

The artists left their fingerprints (impronte in Italian) in Germany: “We are very pleased to be able to present the exhibition in Mörfelden-Walldorf”, says Martina Maurer, one of the townhall office staff. Impronte d’artiste is a milestone not only due to the number of works on display but also for the sole presence of female artists.

«Contemporary art», according to the taste of Otto Schaffner, responsible for the townhall gallery.

“Without the cultural partnership, this exhibition would have never been possible”, according to the mayor Heinz-Peter Becker. Many other local politicians, including the chief of the Public Order Department, Steffen Seinsche, and the president of the Karsten United group were present at the inauguration.

The 25 artists that the group exhibition is made up of: Laura Avondoglio, Viola Barovero, Silvia Beccaria, Paola Bisio, Gilda Brosio, Tegi Canfari, Laura Castagno, Clotilde Ceriana Mayneri, Carla Cremers, Carla Crosio, Elisa Filomena, Danila Ghigliano, Silvia Giardina, Angela Guiffrey, Chen Li, Olga Maggiora, Paola Malato, Ornella Rovera, Marina Sasso, Egle Scroppo, Roberta Toscano, Luisa Valentini, Laura Valle, Elisabetta Viarengo Miniotti, Alma Zoppegni.


Curated by Paola Malato

From September 1st until September 16th 2018

Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 15 to 18

Group exhibition vernissage on Saturday, September 1st at 19:00

Stadthalle – Kommunale Galerie

100, Waldstraβe, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Frankfurt, Germany


LE ARTISTE LASCIANO LA LORO IMPRONTA IN GERMANIA di Paola Malato;art688,3088462;art688,3096976