Terzo Stadio – curated by Francesca Baboni & Stefano Taddei, Pavullo

The Terzo Stadio [Third Stage] exhibition features a close confrontation between three women: Elisa Filomena, Laura Fortin and Ersilia Sarrecchia, which are 2018 Combat Prize finalists, by means of a story linked to the memory theme, based on both paintings and drawings. A peculiar but not merely gender-based way of approaching contemporary art.

Their research is aimed at the world, not just the feminine one, and at nature. Filomena points out the harshness of life, with figures and visionary breakthroughs that seem not always available to reveal the veiled reasons of their actions. Throughout an abstract dimension, Sarecchia projects her witches condemned to the stake and animals surrounded by a primordial Eden. A sense of discomfort runs through the female creatures to which Fortin bestows a restless expression. Dissolving aspects that result in the discomfort of various ways of living.


You’re not alone when the world puts all the winter in you

Not alone I’m there in the words that you use

You’re never alone your life is golden, golden

Suede, Life Is Golden


curated by Francesca Baboni & Stefano Taddei

From October 13th until November 18th 2018

Opening hours: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 16 to 19

on request from Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 12.30, Tuesday and Thursday from  15 to 17.30

Exhibition vernissage on Saturday, October 13th at 17.30

Contemporary Art Gallery

3, Via Giardini, Palazzo Ducale di Pavullo nel Frignano (MO)

Department of Cultural Activities

in collaboration with ArtEkyp Open Studio


Terzo Stadio

Terzo Stadio







Terzo Stadio – Elisa Filomena, Laura Fortin, Ersilia Sarrecchia